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Pain Management

Flexibility is a key factor for pain management. Tight muscles due to weakness and/or overuse are the leading factors to joint pain and injury. Constant pull on the joint creates improper body alignment and injury. As our world becomes more and more a frontal society, backward motion becomes non-existant. In order to create the balance necessary to have continuous motion, we must provide the opposite action through stretching and/or resistance training or aerobic activity. Where to start can be overwhelming. Keep your fitness formula simple.

Determine a true time formula that you can dedicate as “you time”. Remember you are worth it. In this formula include time for stretching, motion and food preparation. In the beginning choose one of the three that you will prioritize as a must. By doing so, you can set realistic time goals for your results to be apparent. Of course, the more time you have for each the faster the results. Keep your goals realistic. It is never too late to start even if each time allotment is only 15-20 minutes.


• Stretching Open your chest with wall stretches
• Open your hips with bridges
• Lengthen your hamstrings with hamstring stretches
• Stretch your calves

• Walk 10,000 steps daily using a pedometer.
• Choose 4 exercises-perform 2 sets of 12-15 reps