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Training Services

At Formula Fitness we offer many different types of services
to help take your goals to the next level.
If you are a NEW CLIENT,
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1 on 1 Training

(Personal Training - 50 mintues)

One on One training sessions are sessions in which
your preferred personal trainer will train only you individually.
Each session lasts 50 minutes.

Partner Training

(2 people - 50 minutes)

Partner training sessions are sessions in which we will
train you and your workout partner at the same time.
Each session lasts 50 minutes.
*Orientation Package includes Personalized Training Formula
and 10 personal training sessions.
Session (prices per one person)

Satellite Training

(Programs designed for independent work)

Satellite programs are designed for independent work and are updated every 6-10 weeks.
These are typically designed as 2 and 3 day workout plans.

Group Classes

Group fitness classes

We have several types of Group Classes available.
Please view the class schedule and descriptions below.
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Nutrition Plans


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Group Classes

Kick Boxing
Kick Boxing
Sculpt and Tone
(Glutes, Hips, Abs)
Sculpt and Tone
(Arms, Abs)
Cardio Rhythms*
Cross Fit Circuits
Sculpt and Tone
(Arms, Abs)
Formula Stretch
(Whole Body Stretching)
Sculpt and Tone (Glutes, Hips, Abs)
Cardio Rhythms*
Cardio Rhythms*

1 Class $30 • 8 classes $210 • 16 Classes $350
Classes separate from gym membership.

Group Class Descriptions

Sculpt and Tone: This popular and proven 55 minute format concentrates on building muscle and endurance. It increases muscle tone, bone density and educates you on proper training technique. The knowledge of proper technique will help you understand body mechanics, allow you to work more efficiently and safely on your own, and is an excellent way to prepare you for working individually with one of our trainers. Some clients in this program have lost significant weight, others have lost inches and all have gained a greater self-image. Each session consist of 55 minutes of upper and lower body strength training plus abdominal/core strengthening, as well as stretching and flexibility exercises. These sessions do require preregistration. So reserve your space early. Each section is limited to eight participants.

Cardio Rhythms: This new 40 minute format consist of a warm up, 30 minutes of cardiovascular training, and a final cool down. You will have a blast as you dance your way through your work out and attain great results.

Kickboxing: This 40 minute workout incorporates jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks and is designed to elevate your heart rate, strengthen your core and improve coordination. This format consist of a warm up, 30 minutes of cardiovascular training, stretching and a final cool down. You will discover the fighter inside of you and box your way to a leaner body and healthier state of mind.